When you're a clown, nobody takes you seriously...until you stab them in the face!

Join your friends, Marco and Paul as we jump back in to, Terrifier (2018). Our special guest, David Howard Thornton, plays the one and only, Art The Clown, in the movie but he never says a word in it. So we figured, why not see if we can learn some more about one of the most vicious and noteworthy movie killers of the past several decades by giving him a chance to speak. We opted out of interviewing Art himself, because that would have been terrible, and talked to Dave instead. We discuss what goes on behind the scenes but also what else he's been up and the diversity of projects he's done before this. Dave was a ton of fun to talk to and we all had a lot of laughs!


Conform by Surgeryhead
Toilet by Clown Core
Omniverse by Survive

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