part 8 : this time in joined by fellow Legion Podcast Network show host, Damian aka The Wych. His show, The Wych vs the Doomsday Clock has become one of my favorite shows. It's very fun and creative and it's in short segments so I encourage everyone to try it out, please. it was a privilege to sit down with another savvy veteran of podcasting who has treated me well and been supportive, which means a lot to a new guy in this world. The Wych is from Melbourne, Australia (which I discuss the pronunciation of, with myself during the intro) so I got to learn that people who live 13 zones away aren't much different than I am and we both grew up with a little bit of Arnold worship in the 80's. Hope you enjoy!




Intro: Whether Terrified or Unafraid by '68


Post intro : Zenosyne by Bayharbour


Outro : Death by The Living End


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